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Why I am Running


Community Involvement

With a long history in organizing and mobilizing voters, LaShonda Nesmith Jackson is not like other candidates who campaign and leave. She has had her boots on the ground for the citizens of Florence and will continue to once elected to city council.

Voter Education

Where I come from, most voters are disenfranchised because they are not educated on the how-tos of voting, such as when to vote, where to vote and what is on the ballot. I am pledging to change this by continuing my efforts to educating those in my community who need more information and access to the polls to make their voice heard.

Personal Empowerment

The people need to know that their elected officials are there to work for them. Just as I have devoted my time to youth empowerment and personal rehabilitation in the past, I will continue to sow into the individuals in District 1 to rebuild our community - one constituent at a time.

Meet LaShonda

LaShonda is a proud native of Florence, South Carolina. She is an
entrepreneur, certified mentor, Emerge SC Graduate, Certified Champion Influence® Coach and Curriculum Facilitator and believes in helping unlock the potential in those that need it. She started Embrace, a 501©3 nonprofit organization designed to become an outlet to help youth succeed. Through Embrace Foundation, she helped develop and launch a summer youth lifetime achievement program, which focuses on teaching life skills to at-risk youth in Florence County. She is currently the VP of Love Beyond Bars, a non-profit organization designed to strengthen families affected by incarceration which she creates programs to help break the Cycle of Incarceration in youths whose parents are incarcerated.

LaShonda is running for office because she believes she is a servant of the community before anything else. If elected as councilwoman, she pledges to continue to educate, uplift and empathize with her community, bringing to life the words of her motto, "Education for Progression."


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